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I started Ammon Nelson Law, PLLC in 2013 because I did not believe people in Northern Utah were receiving proper representation in their divorce matters. Attorneys were happy to take people’s money and even aggressively litigate their case, but when the case was over people were often left in shambles. I believe an attorney should […]

NEVER Settle Your Divorce Without Considering These Three Property Issues

NEVER Settle Your Divorce Without Considering These Three Property Issues If you are considering divorce, or are in the middle of one, your mind is likely racing with all of the things you have to consider when settling. No doubt you are knee deep in parenting plans, custody arrangements, child support negotiations, and arguing over who […]

Five Things You MUST Know Before You Hire a Divorce Lawyer

Five Things You MUST Know Before You Hire a Divorce Lawyer Divorce can be one of the most stressful events in your life. Dealing with divorce for the first time can seem extremely overwhelming and stressful. If you are going through a divorce usually you feel uncertain about the future because you don’t have any […]

Top Tips for Applying for Social Security Disability

TOP TIPS FOR APPLYING FOR SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY Applying for Social Security Disability can be an extremely daunting task.  The process can require up to five different reviews, the last being a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration in Federal Court.  Almost every person who calls me to help them with their Social Security Disability […]

Dangerous Divorce Decree

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Since opening my practice in September 2013, I have met with many people who are unhappy with the terms of the divorce that they negotiated themselves or because they feel they used the wrong attorney to represent them for their divorce.  Many of these clients have very convincing emotional arguments as to why it is […]

Divorce: There Will Be Collateral Damage

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Divorce: There Will Be Collateral Damage I am a strong advocate for family.  I am also a divorce attorney.  If viewed as two isolated viewpoints, you may believe I live a very conflicted life.  In reality, the two belief systems are very much connected.  Divorce plays an important role in our community by offering people […]

Social Security Disability Advocate

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Social Security Disability Advocate As a Social Security Disability Advocate, I help people suffering from a disability apply for and receive disability benefits through Social Security.  When a person suffers from a disability, their first concern is taking care of their own health and personal needs.  If the person recently became disabled, then they are […]

Social Security Disability Attorney in Ogden

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Social Security Disability Attorney Ogden Filing a Social Security Disability claim can be complicated…Here are a few things I do to help I am pleased to announce that I will now be accepting clients with Social Security Disability claims from Logan to Provo, including Ogden. I will continue to work with people with family law […]

Summer Safety Tips for Divorced Parents

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Summer Safety Tips for Divorced Parents Growing up, the summer was the best time of the year for me and my friends. Staying up late to play outside and being surrounded by the laughter and music ringing out through the neighborhood made my childhood one to remember. But it wasn’t always fun and games. Staying […]

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