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Utah Divorce AttorneyI often meet with people who come in for a free consultation after they have already signed an agreement for their divorce. This is usually the first time they have consulted with an attorney.

Never let your friends or family sign a stipulation for their divorce without FIRST consulting with a qualified attorney. Our office make sure to be available for consultations within a week, and we offer them for free.

There is no reason why anyone should sign an agreement without consulting an attorney.

I understand that going through a divorce is difficult. I have watched for the past seven years as people wrestle with the difficult emotions that come with a divorce. The idea of facing that kind of emotion can be daunting.

However, I have also seen the faces of many people who realize that they signed a bad deal. The ones who learn that it will cost twice as much to undo the bad deal (if that is even possible) than if they had just consulted with an attorney at the outset.

To undo a bad agreement an attorney is limited by the law to very specific things. If the facts leading up to your signature do not meet specific criteria there can be very few options, if any, to undo the agreement. Before you, your family member, or friend signs their divorce, make sure they call us.

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