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Divorce Attorney Utah Divorce is a difficult process. Aside from sorting out assets, disentangling your life from someone else, sharing children, and coping with the emotions that come with an ending relationship, other more dangerous situations can arise.

Domestic violence is a prevalent problem in our society, and it surfaces often in divorce matters. Many people are not equipped to handle the stress of an ending relationship, and in moments of rage can sometimes engage in domestic violence with their spouse. This behavior is unacceptable.

At Ammon Nelson Law, PLLC we equip our clients with resources to keep them safe from an abuser. If there is already a history of domestic violence, we will help our clients seek a protective order to keep themselves and their children safe. We will also educate our clients on how to keep themselves safe, and how to identify the warning signs of domestic violence.

With this information, and a protective order in hand, it is safe to file for divorce and start the process toward a healthy and abuse-free life. If you know someone dealing with domestic violence, have them come see us for a free consultation.

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