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I meet with people considering divorce all the time. Frequently they are terrified because their spouse has been bullying them. This is not a gender specific issue. In fact, it is not uncommon for men to come into my office just as afraid as women because their spouse is bullying them.  This is not ok.

One type of bullying consists of threats about the case. For example, a bullying spouse may threaten to keep the kids from the other spouse, kick the other person out of the house, stick the other spouse with all of the debt, drag out the divorce until everyone is broke, Etc.

These threats are empty. The law in Utah protects parties in that it attempts to make an equal division of all assets and debts, and it creates a mechanism so that children have access to both parents so long as it is safe for the children. Having a trained attorney who is knowledgeable about divorce law and confident in the courtroom can protect you from the empty threats of a spouse.

Another type of bullying is more serious and requires immediate action. Sometimes I meet with people who have been physically abused, or their spouse has threatened to physically harm them. This type of bullying is not ok, and requires immediate steps to protect you and your children.  The best way to handle these situations is on a case by case basis. Some tools to consider are a protective order, police intervention, or a restraining order inside of your divorce. These tools often need to be used tactfully and strategically to protect you. If you are suffering from an abusive spouse, don’t sign an unfair agreement thinking it will stop the abuse. Call a knowledgeable and confident attorney to help you get the protection you need.

Many times people will come in to my office after they have signed an unfair decree. They sign because they are afraid of their spouse, but later realize that they shouldn’t have signed because the bullying spouse has not changed. It is much more difficult to undo a bad agreement, than it is to get a better agreement the first time.

At Ammon Nelson Law, our team of attorneys is knowledgeable about divorce law (we focus our practice entirely on helping families). We are also confident in the courtroom having logged hundreds of hours arguing in front of the local judges.

For a free case evaluation, call our office today. We will ensure you receive a detailed action plan and answers to all of your questions.

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