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I value family and marriage.  With that said, I also recognize that often, because of the decisions of one or both of the parties, some people need to be divorced.  I help people who need a divorce.  However, unlike many other attorneys, I do not simply advocate with the court so that people’s property can be divided.  I provide resources to help my clients not only deal with the stress, anxiety, and emotional distress caused by an ongoing divorce, but also to make their divorce the first step toward a healthy, happy, and productive future.

Why is overall wellness an essential part of a divorce? Many people who are pursuing a divorce have children that still need both of their parents to raise them and be good examples for them.  It can be difficult to raise a child properly if you are suffering under the intense stress, anxiety, and other emotional trauma caused by a divorce.  It can also be difficult to perform in your work, or find a new job, if you feel depressed, sick, or otherwise unhealthy.  For many people, they have relied heavily on their spouse to arrange insurance, retirement, home repairs, and other services that are essential to a family.

I maintain a circle of trusted professionals who can help with all of these critical issues.  I work with therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists, insurance providers, financial advisors, real estate agents, CPAs, wellness professionals, and others to ensure that my clients have resources to help them deal with the immediate physical and emotional side effects of divorce, and to move forward with their life.  I also wrote The Utah Guide to Divorce which outlines the law regarding issues which normally arise in a divorce so my clients can study and understand how their divorce works in the comfort of their own home.

What does this service cost?  I do not charge my clients to provide these resources to them.  And, many of the professionals with whom I associate, do not charge my clients for their initial visit.

So, if you know someone who is dealing with a divorce or custody dispute, have them give me a call.  I will provide a customized legal approach to their case, and provide resources to help them cope.


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