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Tired of the mess accumulating in your house after being stuck inside all winter?  Here are a few tips for getting your house clean and organized.

Clear the Air

Now that the weather is changing and the temperature outside is at the very least moderate, open your windows.  The air inside of your home can be significantly more dirty that the air outside.  One way to make your home feel fresh immediately is to open a few windows and allow the breeze to blow fresh spring air through your home.  Allow all the nasty germs from winter illness to be go out the window.

Clean that Dirt

Spring has traditionally been the time people deep clean their homes.  One reason might be that the weather is finally warm enough to clean the inside and outside of the windows.  Clean off your blinds and shades, then wash your curtains.  Finally, roll up your sleeves and wash those windows, inside and out.  Getting rid of all of the dead bugs in the window sills (don’t lie, we all have them) will make your home feel instantly more clean.

Clean your carpets.  The harsh elements of winter are tracked into our homes all winter dragging dirt, salt, and other contaminates into our home and grinding them into our carpets.  Rent a carpet cleaner, or call your favorite professional cleaner.  Having clean carpets will make your home feel fresh.

Wash your walls.  This can be a tricky task because some chemicals and cleaners will take your paint right off the wall.  Always start cleaning with the least intense chemical available.  For example, start with a dry rag.  If that doesn’t work try a sponge with plain water.  From there you could try adding mild dish soap.  After that there are an array of cleaning chemicals available for cleaning, but make sure to try it in an inconspicuous spot in case it pulls your paint off.

Declutter that Mess

If your house is like mine, then your garage, shed, and closets have become completely unorganized during the winter months.  Move methodically through your home and pull old clothes out of closets, get rid of junk, and reorganize everything that is left.  Now that all of your junk and old clothes have been piled in the garage, do the same thing in your garage.  You can donate your old stuff to thrift stores and receive a deduction on your income taxes for the value of the property you donate.  You could also put together a garage sale and try and make a little money.  However you dispose of your old clothes and junk, your home will feel more clean after its gone.

Cleaning up after a long winter can improve your overall wellness.  Whether you are recovering from an injury, a divorce, or simply want to feel better, spring cleaning can make you feel fresh and renewed.

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