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Social Security Disability Advocate

As a Social Security Disability Advocate, I help people suffering from a disability apply for and receive disability benefits through Social Security.  When a person suffers from a disability, their first concern is taking care of their own health and personal needs.  If the person recently became disabled, then they are also dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with relearning how to do tasks that may have at one time been easy for them to complete.

People suffering from disabilities should not be required to fill out the complex Social Security Disability application, gather all of their medical records, and interact with the Social Security Disability office without assistance.  That is where I can help.

I can help people with their initial Social Security Disability application, help them apply for reconsideration if they have been denied, and I can represent them at an appeals hearing if necessary.  I will also assist them in gathering all of the medical records and doctor affidavits.  Once I am representing someone with a disability, the Social Security Office will send their correspondence through me, so that I can explain it to my clients.

In many cases, I can help people apply for disability benefits without them having to pay any money out of their pocket.  Then, Social Security ultimately decides what I am entitled to receive in payment, usually only if we are successful in getting benefits.  This means that people who are already suffering financially because of mounting medical bills or because they are no longer able to work can receive services without having to worry about coming up with a retainer up front.

Lastly, I am willing to represent people from Logan to Saint George.  I am even willing to work with people in surrounding states as well.

As always, I will continue to provide legal services in the areas of Divorce, Custody, Wills and Trusts, Car Accidents, and Worker’s Compensation.  In fact, I have had a successful month mediating and litigating divorce matters.  However, in addition to these services, I would love to help your friends or loved ones who may be suffering from a disability.

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