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Considering a Divorce

            Divorce can be a very difficult step to consider.  You are likely reading this Blog because you have reached a point where you can see no other way to continue in your marriage.  I have no doubt that at some point during your marriage you valued your relationship with your spouse.  Some of you reading this Blog have tried everything to save your marriage, others of you are reading this Blog because you are unsure whether divorce is the proper next step for you.  I value marriage, and I believe it is an important union that should be saved if possible.  At the same time, I am a divorce attorney, and I meet with people all the time who need to end their marriage and move forward with their lives.  As someone who values family and marriage, and as an attorney who recognizes the necessity of divorce in many situations, I have a few suggestions for you to consider before filing for divorce.  Some of you have likely tried these things, but I have listed them below in case you have not.

  • Meet with a marriage counselor (Give me a call, I know a bunch)
  • Have a weekly date with your spouse (Call and request my monthly newsletter, I have lots of great date ideas in there)
  • Speak with ecclesiastical leaders
  • Discuss your marriage concerns with your spouse

I understand that these suggestions require both parties in the marriage to participate.  If your spouse is unwilling to fully engage in efforts to repair your marriage, it is probably a good sign your spouse does not value your marriage the same as you.  However, if you are both willing to make an effort to save your marriage, and that is what you really want, then your marriage probably deserves your best efforts in doing so.  If this is the case, I wish you the best of luck!

If you are in an abusive relationship, where you are being abused either physically or emotionally, you must make sure you and your children are safe and engaging in efforts to save your marriage will not be effective or safe for your family.  If you have decided that your marriage is beyond saving, a divorce can be the first step toward a healthy, balanced, and new beginning for you and your family.

Divorce at first glance can seem like a simple matter, but in reality, divorce law in Utah is complicated.  It requires the application of numerous statutes and court decisions.  You are always free to handle your divorce yourself, but I strongly recommend hiring a competent attorney.  If handled properly, your divorce can be the first step toward a healthy and happy life.  Your attorney should provide you with free information, resources to help you maintain overall wellness in your life, and competent legal representation.  The Utah Guide to Divorce gives a general review of divorce law and what you can expect in your divorce.  It also has tips on choosing an attorney.  I give these Guides away for free. So give me a call, and I will send one your way.

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