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The Ammon Nelson Law Emerging Company Services provides start-up and emerging companies with customized, comprehensive, and cost effective legal solutions from formation to acquisition.  Ammon Nelson Law is the general counsel you never have to bring in-house.

Business Formation

The first step toward success as an emerging company is the selection and formation of the proper tax-efficient structure that will allow the company to expand, receive financing, and ultimately be acquired.  This includes the drafting of articles of incorporation, an operating/partnership agreement, buy sell agreements, formation of trusts, minutes, resolutions, and advice on holding annual meetings.

Intellectual Property

Any start-up company with a new technology or software, no matter the industry, will need to protect that technology through copyright, trademark, or patent.  Ammon Nelson Law provides copyright and trademark services, and maintains relationships with patent attorneys around the country who assist companies with patents of new technology.  It also provides confidentiality agreements and license agreements for companies seeking to shop or license their technology.


As a start-up grows and begins to hire employees, it will need to ensure it understands the federal laws protecting employees.  It will also need employment contract, non-disclosure agreements, non-competition agreements, and policies and procedures manuals.  Ammon Nelson Law advises companies on a variety of employment law issues, provides comprehensive and enforceable agreements, and drafts clear and effective policies and procedures manuals to ensure employees and the company maintain a successful relationship.


Emerging companies seeking expansion need financing.  Ammon Nelson has experience working in venture capital, and maintains relationships with people and entities interested in funding emerging companies.  Ammon Nelson Law connects emerging companies with venture capitalists, angel investors, loan officers at local banks, and more.


Emerging companies will need to lease or purchase commercial property, create contracts for the sale of their products or services, negotiate licenses, and/or engage in numerous other types of transactions.  Ammon Nelson Law has experience negotiating, reviewing, and drafting each of these types of transactions plus numerous other types of transactions which are essential to the success of an emerging company.

Mergers and Acquisitions  

Emerging companies eventually hope to either acquire other companies, be acquired themselves, or merge with another company to create a stronger position in their market.  Ammon Nelson Law has experience helping companies in all phases of the acquisition process and merger process, and maintains relationships with tax professionals and finance professionals to ensure that the merger or acquisition process is tax efficient and properly financed.

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